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GAA sportsmen urge public to back plans for Casement Park


Kevin Niblock

Kevin Niblock

Jonathan Porter/PressEye

Kevin Niblock

A two of Antrim's most respected sportsmen have united in a call for the general public to back the redevelopment of Casement Park.

This comes ahead of the GAA presenting their findings after a series of public meetings around the project, sometime in early autumn.

Former hurling captain Neil McManus, and current Antrim Gaelic football captain Kevin Niblock, agree that the future of grassroots development of the GAA in Belfast, Antrim and Ulster will be vastly enhanced by a new stadium, which has been fraught with planning difficulties with a number of safety concerns raised.

According to the pair, the benefits of Ulster Rugby and the IFA's newly developed stadia in east and south Belfast are a very positive endorsement of what can be achieved, and they want to see a provincial stadium at Casement Park that reflects the needs and aspirations of the GAA's large provincial membership.

McManus commented: "Belfast is the natural home for major Ulster Championship games and the opportunity of playing those provincial matches at Casement Park bringing its colour, vibrancy and motivation to kids and players alike is something that will leave a lasting legacy."

Niblock added: "I feel compelled to urge my fellow GAA members and the community at large to consider the sporting, social and economic benefits that the new stadium will offer."

Details of the project can be found by visiting www.casementpark.ie

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