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Gaffe-prone pundit mistakes Irish president for 'Edna' Kenny

An Australian sports pundit who publicly criticised Irish Olympic athletes for not competing for Great Britain, has made another on-air blunder.

Russell Barwick who presents ESPN's coverage of the Six Nations, failed to identify President Michael D Higgins as he greeted the Irish and French players ahead of last Saturday's match in Dublin. Instead he told his viewers that it was Taoiseach 'Edna' Kenny.

However, Barwick quickly realised his howler when he did some research online.

Barwick said: "And there is the Irish prime minister 'Edna' Kenny, I'm led to believe. I'm presuming it's the PM. No, in fact, it's not. It must be, eh, someone else because I've just googled Edna Kenny and he's about 40 years younger than that bloke."

As co-presenters Matt Burke and Greg Growden could be heard chuckling in the background, Barwick continued: "But obviously he's Irish because he's taking plenty of time saying g'day to the Irish players while he whisked past the French."

Barwick later corrected himself. He added: "Thank you to all of you who have tweeted to tell me I'm a t**t."

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