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Garda launch fresh bid to bring killers of Paul Quinn before courts

Murdered: Paul Quinn
Murdered: Paul Quinn

By Maeve Sheehan

A cold case investigation into the brutal murder of a 21-year-old by an IRA gang will target witnesses suspected of telling "blatant lies" or keeping silent about the crime for more than a decade.

Paul Quinn from Cullyhanna, Co Armagh, was beaten to death 12 years ago yesterday, lured to a farm shed in Monaghan where 10 men wielding iron bars and nail-studded clubs awaited him.

His mother Breege believes the gang who murdered her son are local IRA members and their associates, but the crime remains unsolved because of the enduring silence in the community.

Gardai plan to revisit potentially dozens of witnesses following a cold case review of Mr Quinn's murder and to launch fresh DNA testing of his blood-soaked clothing.

Fergus Traynor, the Garda superintendent leading the cold case investigation, said he has "no doubt" that those involved in the murder are controlling others to remain silent.

"We have some people who told us the truth, some people who gave us limited versions of what they knew, some people who told us blatant lies and there were people who remained silent," said Mr Traynor.

"The reality is there were quite a number of people involved in the attack on Paul Quinn.

"There were others who supplied support and transport and logistics, and all of those people have valuable information that can help this case. We're hopeful that the passage of time will encourage people to come forward."

Mr Quinn's family and gardai believe he was targeted for a paramilitary beating after he had an altercation with a relative of a local IRA man.

Mrs Quinn said she regularly sees the people who murdered her beloved son in south Armagh.

"I remember Paul every day," said Mrs Quinn.

"As I said before, these people have to go to bed at night and they have no control over what they dream about. It's time to tell the truth about what happened to Paul Quinn."

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