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Garda officers freed in fraud probe

Two Garda officers arrested as part of an investigation into an alleged cash machine scam have been released without charge.

The pair, both in their 30s and based in Dublin, have been suspended from the force pending the outcome of the criminal inquiry.

They were arrested in connection with an investigation into the withdrawal of cash from ATMs followed by fraudulent claims to the bank that the hole-in-the-wall machines did not issue the money.

The bank then reimbursed money based on complaints that the cash machine had malfunctioned.

A Garda spokesman said both officers were released last night and a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A woman in her 30s was arrested as part of the investigation in Dublin last night and remains in custody.

It is understood that the amount of cash involved in the alleged fraud is less than 2,000 euro (£1,720).

The incidents happened over a couple of months at a number of locations in Dublin during the year. Each transaction was for a small amount of cash.


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