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Gardai appeal to mother of baby abandoned on country road

By Paul Williams

The mother of a baby abandoned on a country road outside Dublin will not be judged or forced to take her back if she comes forward, social workers have said.

Gardai are still no closer to identifying the infant's parents - four days after she was found wrapped in a blanket and Marks & Spencer bag.

They are "desperately anxious" to make contact with the mother, who may need medical attention.

At a press conference yesterday, Superintendent Brendan Connolly said: "We are very concerned for the welfare of the baby's mother".

"This mom has nothing to fear, we are here to help her and the matter will be dealt with compassionately and sensitively and with the utmost discretion."

The baby girl, being called 'Maria' by care officials, was between 24 and 36 hours old when she was found at 3.30pm last Friday.

A young couple discovered the infant when they pulled into a side road. It is understood the driver raised the alarm when he heard the baby crying inside a gate.

There was torrential rain at the time and the child was extremely cold but had not suffered any injuries.

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