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Gardai hunt two young offenders after breakout from Oberstown detention centre

Two young offenders remain at large after a breakout from a detention centre in north Dublin overnight.

The director of the Oberstown facility, Pat Bergin, was injured in the incident leading up to the escape.

A number of youngsters took over a staff office at the centre, near Lusk, during a disturbance in the early hours of the morning.

Staff tried negotiating with them while awaiting the gardai.

However, three of the young offenders made their way through a back door and broke through a panel in an outside gate before fleeing across neighbouring fields.

One has since been caught.

Gardai confirmed they were called to an incident at around 12:30am.

A spokesman said the investigation was "live and ongoing".

Children's Minister Katherine Zappone said she had spoken with Mr Bergin about the incident, who confirmed he had suffered a "small injury".

"It is upsetting and disappointing," she said. "Unfortunately, there is always a risk for these things to happen but I'm hopeful the young people will be returned."

A spokeswoman for Oberstown described the escape as a "serious incident".

"The local community has been alerted," she added. "As this is a live investigation, we are currently unable to share further detail."

Last year, five children escaped from the detention centre, which houses offenders between the ages of 10 and 17 years.

They absconded for several hours before being caught.

Four teenagers managed to break out the previous year.

There are three detention schools in the campus - Trinity House School, Oberstown Boys School and Oberstown Girls School.

Staff at the detention centre have previously taken industrial action over safety concerns and risks of assault.


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