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Gardai take pay protest to Dail

Garda rank-and-file leaders have taken their pay cut protest to the Dail.

The Garda Representative Association's central executive committee waved placards outside Leinster House claiming the force was being unfairly targeted in public sector savings plans.

GRA general secretary PJ Stone said gardai were "sidelined" in recent talks on the Croke Park II cost-cutting agreement between trade unions and the Government.

"It is a disappointment to the GRA to learn that the Government were now intent on extending the Croke Park deal to facilitate savings to the magnitude of 60 million euro over three years from the pension and pay of members of An Garda Siochana," he said.

"If we are to look at the deal now being voted upon by the trade union movement, we see that it is blatantly unfair."

Mr Stone added: "Any public servant working nine to five and earning 65,000 euro per year will not have their pay reduced, while a garda earning 38,000 euro per year will suffer a pay cut."

Up to 40 people turned out at the protest.


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