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Gay marriage supporters hold rally

Campaigners for a yes vote in the marriage equality referendum have attended a rally in Dublin city centre.

Choristers and entertainers, trade unionists and politicians joined the demonstration ahead of this month's vote.

Max Krzyzanowski of campaign group Noise said: "This is a historic opportunity for Irish people to be on the right side of history and vote yes."

The referendum is due to be held on May 22 when voters will have their say on whether to extend marriage rights to gay couples.

The Catholic church has argued for a "no" vote.

Archbishop Michael Neary said: "In saying this we are not disparaging anyone, nor are we being disrespectful to same-sex relationships. Despite what we are led to believe this referendum is not about same-sex relationships or about equality, but about the family.

"Civil partnerships have already been introduced which give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples in terms of inheritance rights, next-of-kin status, employment, and tax related benefits. Such relationships ought not, however, be classified as marriage. So why the need to redefine marriage?"


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