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Gay plea by Church of Ireland newspaper

By Lesley Houston

Church of Ireland congregations in the Republic have been urged to honour gay couples in the wake of the referendum vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

The Church of Ireland Gazette - which is independent of the Church itself - said in an editorial that "although it is not what the Church advocates, there will have to be an honouring of those who choose such a committed and loving path in life".

It stated: "There is no doubt that in Irish parishes there will, in due course, be parishioners who are in same-sex marriages performed under the auspices of the State.

"For the Churches, to live in Ireland as a distinctly minority voice is now a clear reality, and it is a humbling experience.

"A time for reflection is now needed within all the Churches."

The editorial called for a joint approach by the different Irish Churches in finding a way forward.

"An ecumenical, pastoral response to what has been a momentous change in the settled culture of the Republic would be a welcome development."

The Church of Ireland will continue to only carry out traditional weddings.

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