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Government accused of 'over-hyping'

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has accused the Government of "over-hyping and under-delivering" on election promises.

Mr Martin claimed the coalition had come up with nothing new and was cynically implementing the Fianna Fail policies it had attacked in opposition.

As the party gathered for its "think-in" ahead of the new Dail term, Mr Martin vowed Fianna Fail will provide a strong and credible opposition.

He said: "There's only so much of this over-hyping and under-delivering that Fine Gael and Labour will be able to get away with. So far they are acting as if all they need to do is to recycle their election speeches and everything will be okay. It's wearing thin and will soon start to cause them a lot of trouble."

Addressing the 33 members of the parliamentary party - down from the 100-plus they had this time last year - Mr Martin said the issue of mortgage debt forgiveness was particularly cynical, claiming Fine Gael had promised in the election to cut hundreds of repayments on houses bought before 2008.

He said Fianna Fail had been true to its promise of constructive opposition, which had given its spokespeople more of an impact in challenging government.

Mr Martin said proposals have been circulated to members across the country to alter radically the way Fianna Fail operates, with a series of internal rule changes to be voted on next year.

He also promised a quick response to the impending publication of the Mahon report despite the potentially tough findings.

"When Mahon is published, it will address the behaviour of members of a number of parties," he said. "It will have wide implications. As far as Fianna Fail is concerned, we will respond quickly and comprehensively to all matters no matter how difficult they are."


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