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Grandad tells of joy after daughter's partner gives birth to quintuplets

By Eimear Ni Bhraonain

A proud grandfather last night told of his joy after his daughter's partner gave birth to quintuplets in just five minutes in Australia.

Rosemary Nolan (22), from Waterford, and Australian Melissa Keevers (27) are on a high since the arrival of their five babies Noah, Charlie, Eireann, Evie and Abby.

Melissa gave birth prematurely -- just 26 weeks into her pregnancy. The two boys and three girls were born between 2.06am and 2.11am on January 3.

Noah was the first baby born -- followed by Charlie a minute later. Then after another minute came Eireann, and then Evie and Abby.

Paul Nolan is relieved that the babies are happy and healthy.

"We're thrilled," he told the Irish Independent. "Once they're okay, that's all that matters."

Mr Nolan's daughter arrived in Australia as a backpacker in 2008. She reportedly met Melissa after she answered a newspaper ad selling a motorbike.

The couple's tiny babies require intensive medical care but they are getting stronger every day -- and Noah is now able to be cuddled and breastfed.

Doctors are amazed at their progress at just two months old. "We never set out to have five babies, nature decided that for us, but now it's happening we are thrilled and can't wait to meet them all," the couple said.

The couple told Australian magazine 'Woman's Day' it was difficult to see the babies in intensive care.

"After just having five babies, it's hard to only be able to visit them and touch them through a hole in the crib," said Ms Keevers.

"You can't put into words what it's like to finally hold them."

The tots were conceived without IVF -- beating odds of more than 60 million to one.

The couple already have a baby girl, 18-month-old Lily.

"We got very teary when they were born," said Rosemary. "It was such a journey before they arrived that when we actually met them we realised what it was all for."

The couple have set up a website called '2 ladies 6 babies' and are seeking donations to help fund their lives with six children.

Rosemary earns a small wage at a call centre and the couple estimate they will need 70 nappies a day.

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