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Guinness opens gates to experimental brewery

Guinness is to lift the lid on its taste secrets by opening the doors to the brewery where its recipes are created.

For over a century, the famous purveyor of Irish stout has kept the workings of its experimental brewery at its landmark St James's Gate site in Dublin firmly behind closed doors.

The company has now announced plans to open it up to the public, with visitors also given the chance to quiz the brewers on their work.

Guinness said its now appropriately titled Open Gate Brewery will start offering tours on Thursday and Friday nights.

Brewer Peter Simpson said: "We feel extremely lucky to work in The Open Gate Brewery because my fellow brewers and I are given free rein to regularly explore and create new beers in small batches.

"There is huge interest in beer nowadays so it's exciting to open the doors to the public, give people a look inside our world, and of course share some batches of experimental beers that we are working on."


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