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Hacking probe suspect released

A suspected hacker wanted by the FBI and arrested over cyber plots by online anarchists Anonymous and LulzSec has been released without charge.

Donncha O'Cearrbhail, a county councillor's son who uses the online name palladium, was detained in Dublin on Tuesday after being named on a charge sheet from a New York court. He has been accused of tapping into a conference call the FBI had with gardai and other international agencies investigating an international hacking ring in January.

A Garda spokesman said the student had been freed on Wednesday morning while a file on the case is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

O'Cearrbhail, studying at Trinity College Dublin, was questioned on suspicion of membership of Anonymous and spin-off collective LulzSec.

He was also suspected of hacking into a garda officer's personal email and sourcing information on the January conference call before secretly recording it and passing it on to others.

A second Irish student, Darren Martyn, 25, from Galway, with the online name pwnsauce, was also named on the charge sheet published by the US Attorney's office. He has not been arrested.

John Carroll, an independent councillor in Offaly, declined to comment on his son's arrest.

O'Cearrbhail was detained as part of an investigation involving the FBI, the Garda Fraud Squad and Scotland Yard.

Meanwhile, two Britons accused of major computer-hacking plots are facing prosecution on both sides of the Atlantic.

Officers said the decision to charge Ryan Mark Ackroyd, 25, of Oak Road, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, and a 17-year-old youth, from south London, on Tuesday was "completely unrelated" to actions in America. Ackroyd and another Briton, Jake Davis, were named in prosecution papers in New York just hours earlier.


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