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'High vis' vests for young children in road safety push

Some 85,500 high visibility vests are being given to every child starting school this year to try and reduce the 36 child deaths on the roads from 2010-14.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) said three children under 14 have been killed in road accidents this year, a significant fall on previous years - but more needs to be done to protect youngsters.

Last year, 13 children lost their lives on the roads - while this year two of the children who were killed were pedestrians and one was a passenger in a car.

The RSA called on parents, guardians and boards of management to adopt a clear policy on parking and safety for dropping off youngsters at school.

Moyagh Murdock, the agency's chief executive, said vigilance is key during the school run.

"While there has been a significant reduction in the number of children killed and seriously injured on our roads this year, any tragedy, particularly involving a young person, is one too many," she said.

"Parking at school gates can be hazardous because of the degree of congestion at some schools, and we would encourage parents not to park on double yellow lines or in an unsafe way, and to make sure children are safe and seen when they exit the car.

"Children are the most vulnerable of our road-users so it is really important that they are shown an example by their parents and teachers in how to stay safe on the roads."

The high-vis initiative is sponsored by ESB Networks and the campaign will also see road safety packs being sent to primary schools over the coming months with children also taught about road and electrical safety in lessons, interactive games and competitions.


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