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Historic graveyard wins top award

A historic graveyard where some of Ireland's most famous political forefathers are buried has been named as a top tourist attraction.

Glasnevin Museum in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, received a prestigious international THEA Award, the Oscars for Themed Entertainment and Amusement, at a glittering ceremony in Los Angeles.

It is the first cemetery to be rewarded for excellence in creating a compelling educational, historical and entertainment project.

Ireland's Necropolis is a resting place of some 1.2 million, including its founder the famous Liberator Daniel O'Connell.

Some of the country's most famous political figures and patriots, including Michael Collins, Eamon De Valera and Charles Stewart Parnell, are also buried there alongside victims of the World Wars, Great Famine and the cholera outbreaks.

George McCullough, of the Glasnevin Trust, said it was fantastic to win such a prestigious award alongside Walt Disney and Universal Studios.

"This is a huge international stage to compete on," said Mr McCullough. "We are extremely proud of this achievement and delighted at this recognition.

"It is testament to the hard work of all those involved in the creation and design of Glasnevin Museum and those who continue to work hard on behalf of the museum and support us."

THEA judges cited Glasnevin Museum as deserving an Award for Outstanding Achievement because it stretches the format for presenting history in innovative and compelling ways by tracing the social, historical, political, and artistic development of Ireland through the stories of the 1.2 million people interred at the cemetery since 1832.

They said it blends modern database technology, impressive interactive experiences and captivating set-work to bring to life human beliefs about death and dying, as well as the stories of many recognisable icons of Ireland's past, including O'Connell.


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