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Householders spending less on food and more on rent and mortgages, figures show

Irish homes are spending less on food and more on mortgage repayments and rent, latest official figures reveal.

A survey of household budgets around the country reveals an average of around 123 euro a week is spent on eating - less than 15% of outgoings.

In 1980, householders spent almost twice the proportion of their weekly bills on groceries or eating out.

Over the same period, the cost of keeping roofs over heads accounted for much more of an average household's spending.

Again, in 1980, mortgages and rent were making up around 7% of a home's outgoings.

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show this figure has soared to almost 20% - or a fifth - of weekly bills last year.

The sharpest rise in home loan or rental payments has been over the last 17 years.

The Household Budget Survey also shows medical costs, childcare, education, pensions and telephone bills are all increasingly eating into weekly outgoings.

At the same time, there has been a dramatic drop in the amount being spent on alcohol and tobacco, down by nearly 30% over the past five years.


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