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Huawei and Samsung lose patent fight against Unwired Planet

A US technology firm with an office in Dublin has won a legal fight against electronics giants Huawei and Samsung over a piece of technology said to be essential to the 4G mobile phone communication system.

Technology firm Unwired Planet - which is based in Los Altos, California - claimed that Huawei and Samsung had infringed a patent it held on a piece of data transmission technology.

Huawei and Samsung disputed the claim.

But a judge has ruled in favour of Unwired Planet after a hearing in a Patents Court - which is part of the High Court - in London.

Mr Justice Birss concluded that Unwired Planet's patent had been infringed.

His 234-paragraph ruling was initially published in paper form, and later posted on a website.

Unwired Planet's share price has risen in the United States in the wake of the decision.

The judge said the technology was "concerned with an efficient polling system for a wireless communication network" and was "essential" to the 4G system.

He said Unwired Planet had "acquired" the patent from communications firm Ericsson.

And he said a number of other cases relating to patents Unwired Planet had acquired from Ericsson were in the pipeline.

The judge said Unwired Planet had also sued Google, but that dispute had settled.

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