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Huge wave may have wiped out Ireland's early inhabitants

A tsunami may have wiped out Ireland’s first tribes of people some 6,000 years ago, archaelogists have suggested.

Radiocarbon dating of a shellfish midden - or rubbish heap - at Fanmore Bay in Co Clare revealed it to have been hundreds of years older than that at the nearby Poulnabrone dolmen, marking the Clare find as one of the oldest records of human existence on this island.

Excavations have also revealed a black layer of organic material which researchers believe may be evidence of a tsunami which wiped the Clare tribe out.

Michael Lynch, field monument adviser for Co Clare, told the Irish Daily Mail that the black layer was possibly “the result of a major climatic event, a massive storm or possibly a tsunami or some other major event of that sort which would have thrown up a large amount of debris all at the one time”.

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