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Husband sent daughter text meant for lover, court told

By Eimear Ni Bhraonain

The woman who blew the whistle on her cheating husband for allegedly accepting corrupt payments from a property developer revealed the extent of her fury yesterday in the witness box.

Jenny Forsey, of Ballinroad, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, described the breakdown of her marriage to Fred Forsey Jnr after he sent a text message meant for his new lover to their teenage daughter.

Mrs Forsey gave evidence at the trial of Mr Forsey (42) at Waterford Circuit Court as his new partner, Karen Morrissey, looked on from the public gallery.

Mr Forsey of Collagh Road, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, is accused of corruptly accepting three payments of €60,000, €10,000 and €10,000 from a property developer while he was a member of Dungarvan Town Council in return for backing a planning application.

He has pleaded not guilty to six counts contrary to the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act 2001.

The developer cannot be named for legal reasons.

Before giving evidence yesterday Mrs Forsey passed her husband, whose head was buried in paperwork. The couple have three children together aged 15, 18 and 20.

In her sworn testimony, she revealed details of how she married Mr Forsey, a driving instructor, in 1990.

He was co-opted on Dungarvan Town Council for Fine Gael in 2004.

She described how she went with her husband to the Moorings pub in Dungarvan in July 2006 where he met a "very wealthy" developer.

On the walk home from the pub, Mr Forsey told his wife: "I think I'll get in with him (the developer)".

Mrs Forsey said she didn't know what her husband meant by this.

Afterwards she claimed she was able to take a holiday in Rome with her children and modernise their house, paid for by their husband. When probed about the cash, the court heard that Mr Forsey had told his wife that a property developer had lodged €30,000 into his account.

She added: "He never told me he got €60,000."

Mrs Forsey also told how her marriage deteriorated when her husband "inadvertently" sent a text message meant for his "partner" to their 15-year-old daughter. She agreed she was "infuriated" by this.

Her husband told her and the children that he had "ended it" and they were all going to have some "chill" time -- but she later discovered the relationship was not over.

Mrs Forsey described how she was "so upset" by the marriage breakdown that she thought her car was in first gear when it was actually in reverse.

She crashed into the wall of her estranged husband's home where he was living with his lover.

She also agreed that she had attacked her husband's new partner but "she gave as good as she got".

She denied she was out for "revenge" in cross-examination

The court heard how Mr Forsey's finances were poor after the couple separated and he was refused an overdraft for €1,000 from AIB.

His Mini driving instructor car had been repossessed and he asked his wife for a loan of €10,000 to replace this.

Mr Forsey failed to repay his wife days after the loan as he had agreed, so she "basically hounded" him, she said.

"I had three children, I had no money, he wasn't giving me any money.

"Yes, I threatened him ... I told him I was going to go to the guards (about the alleged bribes) if he didn't pay me back my money."

Her husband paid her back €8,000 -- handing over one instalment on December 23 and a second on December 29.

She said her husband went to Australia in June 2007 and returned three years later for a wedding in Waterford but didn't tell his children. She claimed he had not been in touch with them for three years.

The trial continues.

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