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I prayed to die after disease diagnosis, says RTE's Colm Murray

One of Ireland's most popular sports presenters revealed last night that he regularly prayed never to wake up from sleep again after he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

RTE's Colm Murray said he felt he would never see a happy day in his life again after learning he was suffering from the incurable, debilitating disease.

The horse racing expert said the diagnosis turned his world upside down. "I felt the rug had been pulled from under me and all the things I took for granted in my life had to be reviewed again," Murray said.

He told 'The Late Late Show' that he went through a dark period following the diagnosis when he was 'on the floor'. "I felt distanced from all the things I loved in life ... As the weeks went by I noticed my mobility was rapidly diminishing. I could no longer walk around the place, I was hobbling and I thought I'd now need a walking stick and I was ashamed."

But Murray said things began to turn around for him after a trip to trainer Willie Mullins' stables. "He said 'I want to see you back up on that television. Get back there, no matter how you hobble in'. The following Saturday and Sunday I was back," Murray said.

Although still facing a difficult future, he has adopted a new attitude to his disease. "I have two wonderful daughters who I love dearly, I have a wonderful wife. I have a lot to live for."

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