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"I was half-expecting it" - Bob Geldof on the loss of "amazing" daughter Peaches

By Sarah-Jane Murphy

Bob Geldof has movingly told how he dealt with the deaths of three pivotal women in his life - his mother, his estranged wife Paula Yates and his beloved daughter Peaches.

While Geldof said that each of the losses affected him profoundly it was Peaches' sudden death that has had the biggest impact on him.

"With Peaches it was different; I was half-expecting it.

"She's with me every second of every day.

"She's the girl that bounds into my consciousness when I least expect it."

He addressed the fact that the young mother of two had died at the tender age of 25.

"I find that label 'forever 25' unbearable.

"You're not supposed to see your children die.

"That's the problem with that," the Boomtown Rats singer told Sunday with Miriam on RTÉ Radio 1.

The Irish musician said that he will eventually write a song about the pain he felt at the loss of his daughter and he knows that performing it will be cathartic and will be a balm to the grief he is experiencing.

Geldof also revealed how he and his children were enjoying a birthday breakfast for his daughter Pixie when a phone call informed him of Paula Yates death at the age of 41.

"The kids were all excited opening presents so I had to pull right back and just say words like 'Yeah', 'OK' 'Can't speak now'," he said.

The Dun Laoghaire man said that his father's words to him on the occasion of his mother's untimely death came back to him and it was those words that he chose to use to impart the awful news to Paula's children.

"So I just said to them 'Your Mum died last night'.

"With Paula the leaving me was worse than the dying. It made me realise that love isn't enough," he said.

Geldof and The Boomtown Rats are set to play a special 40th anniversary gig at the Olympia Theatre on Sunday December 6.

"My life is bizarrely episodic. I've no idea what's going to happen to me next. I know there are people out there that have had it much worse than me.

"You just make the most of life," he said.

Source: Irish Independent

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