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'Insensitive' workers paint yellow road marking over dead cat

The cat pictured at the roadside
The cat pictured at the roadside

By Geraldine Gittens

Contractors in the Republic of Ireland have painted a yellow road marking over the top of a dead cat.

An animal welfare group has expressed concern after the black and white cat was found dead at the side of a road in County Kerry, with a thick yellow stripe of paint over its legs.

In a statement, Animal Help Net Kerry said the incident, near Ballyheigue, was shameful.

“We have just received this photo, when line painting was being done in the Ballyheigue area nobody cared enough to move this poor cat who had been killed by a car and the line was painted over it,” the organisation said.

“Shame on those concerned,” it added.

A local councillor said the work was performed by a company which was commissioned by Kerry County Council.

“It’s very careless in my view... the least they could do is remove the cat from the side of the road before doing the painting.

“I’ve already been onto the council this morning and I’ve asked the council to ask the council to be a little bit more sensitive.

“It’s a rural farming community so on any one road there’d be several cats who’d live and survive in the area but wouldn’t belong to someone.”

Kerry County Council and the company involved have been contacted for a response.

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