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IRA victim's son rejects Gerry Adams' claims

By Staff Reporter

The son of a chief prison officer murdered in the Republic by the IRA has dismissed a claim by Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams that his party is not in a position to investigate the killing.

Brian Stack (48) was a member of staff at Portlaoise Prison when he was shot as he left a boxing match in Dublin in 1983.

His son Austin described as "disingenuous in the extreme", Mr Adams' response to revelations linking two senior Sinn Fein politicians to the murder.

Mr Stack urged the party to "come clean" on the identities of his father's killers.

Mr Adams yesterday called on anyone with information on the murder to contact gardai, insisting that the killing was wrong and never should have happened.

"First of all, Officer Stack, Austin's father, should never have been killed," he said. "That is without question whatsoever.

"I have met the Stack family. I have facilitated a process which was aimed at trying to give them some sense of closure.

"Having said that, this man should never have been killed. That does not bring him back.

"What we have hopefully done now is put in place a process where no one else will be killed in those circumstances."

Mr Stack said: "Gerry Adams told us at a meeting we had with a very senior IRA leader that he had asked this IRA man to investigate my father's murder."

He went on to say that it was "obvious from this that Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein are in a position to investigate and acquire information on crimes committed by their private army".

He added that for Gerry Adams to ask people with information to go to the Garda "is disingenuous in the extreme" as "he meets the two individuals concerned almost daily".

Mr Stack is now calling on Mr Adams to "ask his two colleagues to go to a Garda station and turn themselves in".

He insisted that those who serve in high public office must seek to maintain the highest of standards.

Mr Stack added: "In this case, Sinn Fein are falling well short of those standards by allowing those who allegedly murder servants of the state to remain in positions of power, both within a political party and public office."

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