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Ireland's beloved Fungie the dolphin suffers deep gash 'from boat propeller'

By Louise Kelly

Ireland's most beloved mammal, Fungie the dolphin, has sustained an injury believed to be due to a propeller blade of a passing boat.

The Dingle resident suffered a deep gash along his side that extends over to the side of the dorsal fin.

However, Fungie fans have been warned not to panic as he appears to not be in too much pain as a result of the injury.

Chairman of the Dingle Boatmen's Association, Jimmy Flannery Jnr said that wild bottlenosed dolphins get injured quite regularly.

"It's not the first time Fungie would have suffered a scratch or a scrape. It is deeper than normal - but we're not overly concerned about it," Flannery told

"We've been out to see him already this morning and I've made a few enquiries. There's not a lot we can do - it should be healed within a few days."

The solitary male bottlenose dolphin was first spotted in 1983 in Dingle harbour by late lighthouse keeper Paddy Ferriter.

Experts admit they are amazed the 300kg mammal has remained there ever since, as it is not consistent with dolphin behaviour.

According to the 'Fungie Forever' Facebook page - which regularly monitors the friendly mammal's activities - said Fungie has been injured by a boat propeller.

"Fungie knows the boats here and propellers, and knows perfecty how to avoid them, but sometimes he is a bit to attracted to visiting boats and they can have newer and faster props," read the statement.

Hap tip to @dingleholiday for sending in the picture

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