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Irish and UK ships rescue migrants

Irish and British naval ships helped rescue more than 200 migrants today as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean in makeshift inflatables.

During a joint humanitarian mission, the LE Eithne, Ireland's naval flagship, located a flotilla of five "makeshift inflatable vessels" 37 miles (60km) north of Libya.

At least one baby was among the 201 men, women and children on board, who were attempting to cross the south central Mediterranean.

They were pulled on to the rescue mission ships and given food, water and first aid at the scene.

The migrants will now be transferred from the LE Eithne to Britain's HMS Bulwark before being transported to a port of safety in Italy.

Ireland's Defence Force said sea conditions during the rescue were calm.

Italian and German ships along with the Italian Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre and the Italian Task Force Commander were also involved in the ongoing operation.


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