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Irish banker 'fed son bleach to cure autism' - report investigated by police


Police are investigating the allegation.

Police are investigating the allegation.

Police are investigating the allegation.

Police are investigating a report a Dublin father allegedly fed his young son bleach products to "cure his autism".

The  man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, posted in a Facebook group called CD Autism saying that he was feeding his young son bleach and was looking to share tips with other parents.

Austism campaigner Fiona O'Leary said she was horrified when she came across the posts.

Fiona, who has children with autism, said described the incident as "pure child abuse".

The distraught mum told Independent.ie that parents across the world have been using a bleach product known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) thinking it was a "cure for autism".

The bleach product is illegal in Ireland after the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) went to court to get the product banned. Prior to the court ruling, health authorities warned that the product should not be used, but now the chlorine dioxide product knows as MMS is illegal in Ireland.

Ms O'Leary said she discovered that the Irish banker based in Dublin was feeding his young child bleach since 2014.

"Last weekend I discovered that a man in Dublin is still giving both MMS and another blood product called GcMAF to his young son. The little boy looks so tiny and weak. He must be around six-years-old. His parents are literally poisoning him to death with bleach."

A post from the family in 2014 says that the young boy started the treatment and started having fevers, stomach pains and vomiting. A follow-up post from the family in more recent days asks other parents for advice on applying the GcMaf cream to their son's body and face.

Fiona explained that these parents believe that autism is caused by parasites and worms and they believe that the bleach destroys them.

"The parents give their kids bleach anything up to eight times a day, orally or through an enema," she said.

"They also make their children follow a gluten-free diet. They think they can cure autism by controlling their diet and killing these 'autism parasites' but they're killing their children.

"It is child abuse."

Fiona added that there have been deaths across the world linked to this kind of treatment.

"It has caused kidney and liver problems. When children drink the bleach it destroys their intestines and bowels. Children are left vomiting and weak. It is absolute child abuse to feed your child bleach. A child in the US ended up with a colostomy bag because of this abuse.

"What kind of person does this to their child? Parents are literally feeding their kids bleach with their breakfast cereals in the morning. This little boy needs to be removed from his home and given blood tests and scans to see what kind of damage has been done. They've been feeding their son bleach since 2014. He will die if he doesn't get help.

"It's so heartbreaking. I've gone from sad to angry."

Fiona said she first came across this kind of treatment three years ago when she found out that a Galway woman was giving her son a similar product.  Fiona, who said she is on the autism spectrum, called for extended rights to be included in an autism bill.

"We need to know that we are going to be protected and that we're not going to be tested on. The Government needs to ensure us that this is our basic human right."

In a statement the gardai said that they cannot comment on individual cases.

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