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Irish beauty Rosanna Davison to be a model student

Rosanna Davison believes she can juggle her studies with her modelling assignmentsIt was reported last month that she was giving up the ‘fickle’world of modelling for a career in health care.

Yet both her Dublin and London agents are still carrying the image of Ireland’s former Miss World Rosanna Davison on their websites, sparking speculation as to whether she has had a change of heart or not.

And Rosanna has rubbished suggestions that she would completely abandon the career she has pursued for the past seven years, since she won the Miss World title at the age of 19.

The daughter of singer Chris de Burgh said she will continue modelling for until she is fully qualified.

“The course I'm beginning in October in bio-medicine is part-time so I'll be absolutely continuing as usual with modelling jobs,” she said.

“The whole career change won't be happening for another three years until I'm fully qualified.”

Rosanna will begin training as a nutritional therapist in the autumn, after recently complaining she was fed up with the cut-throat modelling industry.

She said she believes the recession has led to far more cattiness on the scene.

“I developed an interest in human physiology and biology in my Leaving Cert, but I was convinced to take the basic arts degree because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do,” she explained.

“Then I was distracted and went off on a whole different career trajectory.

“It's been a whirlwind and I've enjoyed it, but a career in medicine and nutrition has been something I've always I wanted to do.”

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