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Irish brewery stands by 'Children of the Revolution' beer label despite complaints its targeting minors

An Irish brewery has defended itself against accusations it is cashing in on the 1916 Easter Rising amidst complaints its new beer is targeted at minors because of its name.

Bray-based Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company unveiled its latest brew 'Children of the Revolution' earlier this month ahead of the 1916 centenary, and said, at the time, it was a celebration of the “countrymen and women who made possible the Ireland we live in today.”

However there has been several complaints on Irish social media saying that the label 'Children of the Revolution' is inappropriate because "children will think it is for them".

Speaking to the, co-founder Quincey Fennelly said that the €3.95 beer’s title was “a play on the old song by T-Rex” and that it was in no way intended to attract minors to the product.

“We’re all children and grandchild of the revolution, and I don’t accept the idea that just because we’ve mention children on the beer that it makes it anyway more attractive to [minors], it’s a historical reference.

“There’s no intent on our behalf to try and attract children to our beer, if you look at the packaging, it is not intended for children, it is sold at a premium price, and is only stocked in stores and bars that sell premium products.”

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Last month, a bar of chocolate inspired by the Proclamation came under fire from those saying it was “tasteless” and “inappropriate”.

The bar’s wrapper figured the faces of the 1916 rebellion leaders as well as the Proclamation, which some people complaining that it companies should be prevent from commercialisation of the Rising’s centenary.

Mr Fennelly continued: “Some people try to find offence in certain things… but at this stage, we’ve had absolutely no negativity towards the beer, and I can’t understand to be honest why there would be – the title of the beer ‘Children of the Revolution’ is really [our] small way of tipping our glass to the brave people of 1916.”

“The beer is a bitter ale, so its catchphrase is ‘the bitterness ends here’… as a craft brewery we always promote responsible drinking.”

Children of the Revolution is available now, said Wicklow Wolf, and would be on draft in select bars around Dublin for the Easter Weekend.

David Kearns, Irish Independent

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