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Irish citizens take over NAMA-owned property and set up rooms for homeless people

By Gavin White

A NAMA owned property has been taken over by citizens who “do not want another homeless death this winter”.

There are currently five homeless people resident in Apollo House on Poolbeg Street in Dublin backed by the Irish Housing Network and the Home Sweet Home coalition.

There is expected to be a capacity of 30 people in the building.

The Home Sweet Home group is made up poets, artists, trade unionists and activists while Mattress Mick has supplied beds for the residents.

Rosie Leonard of the Irish Housing Network said; “As you know two people died on the 24 and the 25 of November, one in Dundalk and one in Dongeal. So this action is about saving lives, there are about 30 people a year who die as a result of homelessness”.

Ms Leonard also said “each room has its own bed, there’s shared facilities on each floor, so that’s the situation there, each to their own private rooms”.

She also said they are currently working on setting up the building with electricity and running water now in operation having had plumbers in the building.

Dean Scurry of Home Sweet Home said “a lot of people watching this are a week or a pay cheque away from being homeless, so they connect with this”.

Mr Scurry said “five weeks ago we had an idea and no we are standing here. The initial idea came from a homeless man I spoke to and then I spoke to people like Glen Hansard and it just went from there”.

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