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Irish electricity board tries to bill graveyard 'occupant'

A postman in the Irish Republic was left bewildered yesterday when he attempted to deliver a letter from the Electricity Supply Board to a graveyard in Co Clare.

The ESB sent the letter to "The Occupant, The Graveyard, Tulla, Co Clare".

However, while there are hundreds of 'occupants' at the local cemetery, no one was available to accept the postal delivery.

This left the local postman unsure of what to do so he delivered the envelope to the local parish priest. The letter requested a legitimate name and address to whom future ESB bills should be sent.

While some of the country's larger local authority-run graveyards have caretakers, and in some cases a caretaker's hut, Tulla has no such facility.

The graveyard is managed by a local committee.

The only building on the site is the old ruined church of St Mochulla abandoned in 1812.

It is believed the letter sent to the graveyard was automatically generated.

There was no comment from the ESB last night.

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