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Irish farms get all-clear after lone BSE case

By Ed Carty

Ireland's valuable international beef and dairy trade is not expected to suffer after tests confirmed a cow which died from BSE was an isolated case.

Veterinary chiefs said there is no trace of the disease in 67 other animals linked to the rare breed and there are no concerns about the feeds used on the Co Louth farm.

The Republic's Department of Agriculture described it as a classic case. Normally this is when animals have eaten contaminated feed or the disease is passed down blood lines rather than it being atypical or spontaneous.

It is the first case of BSE, commonly referred to as mad cow disease, in the Republic since 2013.

The department said all animals potentially exposed to the "agent that caused this incident" were identified, slaughtered and excluded from the food and feed chains.

The Republic has signed lucrative contracts for farmers in the last 18 months with China, Japan and the US.

BSE is a fatal neurodegenerative disease which can be transferred from animals to humans.

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