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Irish father of three ditches family for Euro 2012

A father-of-three has headed off to Euro 2012 - without telling his wife that he won’t be back until the whole tournament is over.

Die-hard fan John Dowling left his family in Sandyford in Dublin on Sunday to head to Hungary for Ireland’s friendly in Budapest on Monday night - and is afraid to tell his wife.

“I said goodbye to the wife Adrienne and said, ‘I’m off - but I didn’t tell her where!” he said.

“I’m afraid to ring her. She still doesn’t know I went to Budapest but she’ll find out today in the Star. I might switch my phone off.

“She knew I had to go to the Euros. I haven’t missed a game in two campaigns. I have tickets all the way to the final, so that’s the three group games, the quarter finals, the semi and the final,” he said.

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