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Irish father's trauma as van ploughed into crowd


Terrified: The Potot family

Terrified: The Potot family

Terrified: The Potot family

An Irish family who were injured in the Barcelona terror attack said they have been left traumatised.

Norman Potot (45) from Dublin, was on holiday with his wife Pearly Fernandez Potot (39) and their two children Nailah Pearl (9) and Nathaniel Paul (5) when the tragedy occurred.

"We were on Las Ramblas looking for presents," Mr Potot said from his hospital bed in Barcelona.

"There were hundreds of people around when suddenly a van came running through us."

The father-of-two, who has been living in Ireland since 2007, was left with kidney injuries when the van struck him.

"The van hit me in my rib cage. I never heard any screaming, I only saw the white van coming through us very fast.

"It was scary. I don't know what happened next because I was unconscious."

Mr Potot's young family were not hit by the van, but they were injured after a stampede of people tried to flee the scene.

"The commotions of the people got them, especially my son. I think someone stood on his legs when he fell down.

"My wife and daughter were okay, they've got loads of bruises around their body," he said.

Mr Potot described the terrifying scenes when he regained consciousness.

"Everyone was covered in blood, including me," he said.

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