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Irish judge: shut down Facebook

A judge in the Republic has called for Facebook to be closed down after hearing a house party was organised through the social website.

Judge Anthony Halpin was hearing the case of two youths found in a house where a party that may have been organised through social media had been on.

He told Tallaght District Court: "In relation to Facebook, I think it should be closed down.

"Young people spill their thoughts on it and then in one click of a button it is there permanently.

"It should be closed down. Facebook is a type of tool young people can use to intimidate others."

Conor Clarke (21), of Glenshane Green, and Dean Conway (20), of Cloonmore Green, both Tallaght, admitted trespass with intent to commit an offence at an address in Tallaght on March 2, 2013.

Judge Halpin remanded both on continuing bail for a month.

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