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Irish 'most meticulous travellers'

The Irish are the most meticulous travellers for forming lists of must-do travel activities, according to a survey.

But Irish travellers are also the tourists who tend to book holidays at the 11th hour, the poll by found.

As many as 93% of Irish tourists have a check list of things they want to do on a break.

The second most-meticulous planners were the Germans, with 93% having to-do lists. The figure for UK travellers was 76%.

The poll of more than 10,000 European travellers, including 2,050 in the UK and 1,030 in Ireland, also showed that visiting all the wonders topped the wish-list of travellers.

Second was going on safari and third was staying in a luxury hotel abroad. Other activities people would be keen to do included swimming with dolphins, learning a foreign language and going off the beaten track.


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