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Irish nanny accused of baby murder

An Irish nanny accused of killing a Massachusetts baby in her care is facing a murder charge.

A Middlesex County grand jury indicted Aisling Brady McCarthy, 34, on charges of murder and assault and battery on a child causing bodily injury.

McCarthy, who has been living illegally in the US, is accused of "violently injuring" baby Rehma Sabir, who was taken to hospital with severe head injuries in January, on her first birthday, and died two days later.

The baby's family lives in Cambridge, just outside Boston.

McCarthy, who lives in nearby Quincy, previously pleaded not guilty to assault and battery on a child. She was jailed on 500,000 dollars bail while authorities awaited the baby's post-mortem examination results. McCarthy's lawyer had protested at the high bail amount and said she was "an innocent person sitting in jail".

State police said in court documents that a pillow, a blanket and baby wipes that were stained with blood were found in the baby's bedroom. Authorities said a neighbour reported hearing the baby crying for nearly an hour on her birthday, followed by more intense crying, but knocks on the family's door went unanswered.

In February, a judge ruled in McCarthy's favour when her lawyer asked for the preservation of all records related to the baby's travel from June 2012 until she died. That included who travelled with the baby, where the baby stayed and whether medical staff examined her. The lawyer also asked for a list of people who lived at or visited the baby's home and for the family's computer records.

The defence has said the baby returned home malnourished after travelling overseas, including to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and London.

The baby's parents, Nada Siddiqui and Sameer Sabir, told police McCarthy had been a nanny for their family for about six months.

Immigration officials have said McCarthy is in the United States illegally after entering in 2002 from Ireland under a tourist programme that allowed a 90-day stay.


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