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Irish nanny in abandoned US baby murder case: Worst nightmare is finally over

A Co Cavan nanny who was accused of murdering a one-year-old girl in America has branded her dropped prosecution a scandal.

Aisling Brady McCarthy, 37, had been due to stand trial for killing one-year-old Rehma Sabir in Middlesex, Massachusetts, in 2013. She spent almost two and a half years in jail before being released on bail in May.

Prosecutors halted the case after a state medical examiner reversed a finding that the baby's death was a murder caused by shaken baby syndrome, and instead said it was "undetermined".

Ms McCarthy flew back into Shannon Airport after what she described as her worst nightmare.

She said: "What the Middlesex prosecutors did to me was scandalous. They should be ashamed of themselves."

The state medical examiner changed her assessment after finding that Rehma had past medical issues and might have had some type of undiagnosed disorder.

Ms McCarthy said: "I loved her and cared for her, 10 hours a day, five days a week. I would take her everywhere on day trips."

She had been in the US illegally since 2002 and had been Rehma's nanny for around six months when the baby died in January 2013.

The medical examiner said the decision to change the findings on the cause and manner of death came after additional materials were reviewed.

These included expert witness reports, additional transcripts of police interviews, transcripts of testimony heard ahead of the planned trial, additional medical records and extra medical testing related to the girl's death.

Marian Ryan, the district attorney for Middlesex in Massachusetts, said: "Based on an assessment of the present state of the evidence, including the amended ruling from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, the Commonwealth cannot meet its burden of proof."

Ms McCarthy told the Boston Herald newspaper she was overwhelmed.

"It has been crazy and hectic. Suddenly, everything is happening so fast after going so ... so very slow for almost three years. I can't wait to get home and start my life over again. My worst nightmare is finally over."


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