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Irish naval crews rescue 125 migrants in Mediterranean

Irish naval crews have rescued 125 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean.

They were found in a rubber vessel 60km north east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, during stormy conditions.

The naval ship Le Niamh was sent to the scene at about 2pm after being alerted by a merchant ship, the St Jeneborg.

During a two-hour rescue operation, all 125 people were brought on board.

They are now receiving food water and medical assistance, an Irish Navy spokesman said.

The humanitarian mission was made more difficult because of a north-westerly force-five wind, he added.

The migrants are due to be transferred on to an Italian naval boat before being brought to Italy.

"The Le Niamh is currently en route to the Italian Naval vessel Its Bergamini where it is expected to receive the transfer of approximately 140 rescued migrants and travel on to a safe Italian port," the spokesman said.

Last month crews on board Le Niamh rescued 225 people, including 12 children, from two rubber vessels off the Libyan coast.


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