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Irish Navy rescues 358 migrants in Mediterranean

The Irish Navy has rescued another 358 migrants as they tried to cross the Mediterranean.

The latest recovery operation took place about 110km (68 miles) north-west of Tripoli when a wooden barge was spotted at sea packed with people, including 30 women and 14 children.

The crew of the Irish vessel, the LE Niamh, described the conditions as calm.

By lunchtime all migrants had been taken off the barge and were being given food, water and medical attention if needed on the navy ship.

The mission takes the total number of people rescued at sea by the Irish crew to 827 including a woman who went into labour and gave birth to her baby daughter Destiny after being taken to safety on Tuesday night.

The LE Niamh replaced the LE Eithne two weeks ago as part of Irish efforts to support humanitarian missions in the Mediterranean.


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