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Irish nun stuck in lift for 3 days is now recovering

By Adam Cullen

An Irish nun is recovering after a nightmare ordeal that saw her trapped in an elevator for three days in sweltering conditions.

The woman (58) was trapped in the lift in a convent in Rome with a nun (69) from New Zealand.

They called for help but the building was empty. They had no mobile phone.

After they were discovered on Monday, they were taken to a hospital and treated for dehydration.

Last night a spokesperson for the Marist order in Dublin said the nun, from the north west of Ireland who has worked in Rome for seven years, had been released from hospital and was recovering well.

She added: "It was a terrible ordeal but we have spoken to her and she is grand."

The spokeswoman went on to complain about some accounts of how the pair had survived their ordeal while in the lift.

"We can say that reports that they drank their own urine are completely untrue. They are definitely incorrect," she added.

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