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Irish passport set to be redesigned

The Government is to launch a newly revamped Irish passport that will boast additional security features.

It is understood the redesign will be cheaper to produce at around seven euro per passport - half the current cost of production.

While producing the new passport is expected to save around four million euro, a Government spokesman could not confirm whether the savings would be passed on to the taxpayer.

The new-look ID will be launched on September 30, and rolled out to citizens making new applications from early next month.

Security features will include new holographic images depicting different Irish landmarks, such as the Aviva Stadium, the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the Cliffs of Moher.

The typical fee for a 10-year Irish passport is around 80 euro.

The redesigned passport comes on the back of a new-look driving licence that was launched in January.

The new plastic card - a replacement of the old paper versions - was introduced to bring Ireland in line with the rest of Europe.

Its additional security features were aimed at boosting road safety by making it more difficult for unlicensed motorists to make forgeries.


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