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Irish passports: 700,000 issued in record-breaking year

More than 700,000 Irish passports have been issued so far in 2016.

The Irish passport office tweeted: "Wow, we have just broken a new record, over 700,000 Passports have been issued so far this year! #RecordBreaker".

670,000 Irish passports were issued in 2015. In the three months after the contentious Brexit vote, applications for the ID papers were up more than 17,300 compared to the same period last year.

Some 21,549 people in Britain sent off for the documents in July, August and September, along with 15,747 people in Northern Ireland.

The Irish Embassy in London and the Irish Passport Office were flooded with applications, as people who wanted to hold on to their EU citizenship in the event of the UK leaving the EU were galvanised into action by the referendum.

One in four people in Britain is said to have Irish heritage. Anyone born on the island of Ireland or whose parents are Irish automatically qualifies for citizenship. In some cases, those who have an Irish grandparent can also apply.

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