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Irish politician Danny Healy-Rae on climate change: 'God above is in charge of the weather and we can’t do anything about it'

By Barry Lennon

Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae has been branded Kerry's Sarah Palin following his remarks about climate change.

Deputy Healy-Rae told the Dail chamber that mankind had no impact on climate change and that "God above" alone is responsible for the weather.

Galway TD Catherine Connolly drew comparisons between Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate and supporter of climate change denial, and Mr Healy-Rae.

"Unfortunately Kerry's Deputy Palin Healy Rae has left the chamber and I would refer him to the inter-governmental panel on climate change and on their assessment and in particular to their fifth assessment report," she told the Dail.

Mr Healy-Rae caused controversy when he addressed a Dáil debate on the issue. He denied that the burning of fossil fuels was a root cause of global warming – despite widespread scientific agreement that it is.

Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae told the Dáil today that we "can't do anything" about climate change, because "God above" controls it all.

The TD made his comments during out-going Environment Minister Alan Kelly's discussion on climate change in the Dáil.

“God above is in charge of the weather and we here can’t do anything about it," he said.

Meanwhile, TD Kelly criticised Fianna Fáil on climate change suggesting it thought “pints with the people was more important.”

The Tipperary TD pointed out the issue was left out in the party's recent deal with Fine Gael.

“I find it deeply ironic that this house is debating climate change today as reports come through regarding a deal to support a minority government,” he told the Dáil today.

“The major issue now missing from this document is actually climate change. It's not in it. The global cause of our generation is missing from the now famous document.”

Mr Kelly said Fianna Fáil did not have “global focus” as he claimed it did not consider the affect climate change on the poorest.

Before he added, “maybe pints with the people is more important than the world's poorest.”

He also hit out at the two largest parties length of time discussing the deal, also known as the “Trinity Treaty.”

“A third level college was the right location for these talks because the Trinity Treaty is the greatest example of Student politics at its worst,” he said.

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