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Irish scientist fuels cars from whisky by-products

An Irish scientist has given new meaning to ‘getting tanked up' after perfecting a green way to fuel cars with Scotch.

The biofuel made from by-products of Scotch whisky distillation is just as effective as normal petrol and just as easy on the engine, which requires no modifications.

Professor Martin Tangney (45), from Macroom, Co Cork, has been working with some of Scotland's largest whisky producers at the Biofuel Research Centre at Edinburgh Napier University.

They have produced a clean, carbon-neutral fuel that can be blended with regular petrol to run an engine.

Prof Tangney said of his research project: “While some energy companies are growing crops specifically to generate biofuel, we are investigating excess materials such as whisky by-products. This is a more environmentally sustainable option.”

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