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Irish teenager banned from contacting mother

An Irish teenager was yesterday ordered by a judge not to come within 500 metres of his own mother or to try and contact her in any way.

The order was made as it emerged the teen's mother was afraid he would attack her and did not want to take him home. The 17-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared at the Children's Court accused of smashing the windscreen of his mother's car while she was driving it.

The accused, who was arrested on July 22 last and brought to court hours later, is also charged with criminal damage to a wall at his Dublin home, breach of the peace and possessing a quantity of heroin.

At the earlier hearing, Garda Barry O'Shea told the court: "His mother is refusing to give him an address . . . on the grounds they (his parent's) fear he might damage their property or injure them.

"She was in a lot of fear at the time. She was driving the car when the window was put through," Gda O'Shea said.

The court was told the accused's mother did not attend the previous hearing because she feared her son would assault her.

The accused had been remanded in custody to appear again yesterday when the proceedings resumed with his social worker present.

The accused's mother did not attend the hearing.

Applying for bail, defence solicitor John Quinn told the court that the main reason his client had been held in custody was because he did not have somewhere to reside.

He submitted that the mother of one of his client's friends was in court and willing to take him in, and that his client would abide by bail conditions. Gda O'Shea objected to bail, saying that on previous occasions the accused's mother had taken him back "under duress".

He also said the mother feared she would have no way of defending herself if her son returned to her house.

"We would not be able to monitor the situation 24/7," Gda O'Shea told Judge John Lindsay.

Judge Lindsay agreed to grant bail, providing that the accused resided with his friend's mother and obeyed a curfew to be in her home between the hours of 10pm and 8am daily.

The judge also ordered that the accused, who was remanded to appear again in September, was "not to be in 500 metres" of his mother's home -- where he had resided until he was charged last week.

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