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Irish ticketholder scoops €175m Euromillions jackpot


EuroMillions (National Lottery/PA)

EuroMillions (National Lottery/PA)

EuroMillions (National Lottery/PA)

One incredibly lucky Irish punter has become €175m richer after winning tonight’s EuroMillion’s jackpot.

Tonight’s record-breaking payout will see tens of thousands of people across the country triple-checking their numbers with the hopes of possessing the golden ticket.

National Lottery spokesperson Miriam Donohoe told Independent.ie that this is their biggest win in the National Lottery's 31-year history.

“This is our 14th EuroMillions win in our history,” she said.

“The last Irish winner who came close to this was Rose McNamara, who won €115m back in 2005.

“We will not be in a position to reveal the winning location for a couple of days at least.

“There’s a lot of work to be done like prepping the winning shop and because this is such a huge amount of money it’ll be bring massive media attention.”

Ms Donohoe added that the winner is now faced with a lot of responsibility.

“If you’re the holder of this golden ticket, it’s so important to keep it safe.

“Sign the back of it and contact us as soon as possible because your life as of now has changed forever.”

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