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Irish Water apologise after second water pipe bursts and cuts off supply

Irish Water has apologised after a second major water pipe burst in just over a week, cutting off supply to up 10,000 households and businesses.

The utility provider said it "apologises for the inconvenience caused by this incident and thanks customers for their patience and cooperation".

Among those affected are a grandfather and grandmother who have been forced to move into temporary accommodation after the burst pipe flooded their family home of 50 years for the second time in 18 months.

James Murtagh, 80, and 72-year-old Joan had only moved back into their home in Proudstown outside Navan nine months ago following major repairs to the property after the same pipe burst and flooded their home just days before Christmas in 2015.

The couple, their daughter Sarah, 44, and 16-year-old granddaughter had to escape from the house through a window on Monday night after water gushed into the property.

It comes less than two weeks after a burst water main left around 60,000 customers across Louth and Meath without water for several days.

"My parent's aren't fit for this," said Ms Murtagh. "My mum is so angry.

"The main water pipe for Navan is outside our house and on December 22, 2015, it burst and the whole house was completely flooded.

"Mum and dad were out of house for nine months. All the foundations had to be dug up again."

She added: "Last night my daughter came running in and said there was water coming into bathroom. I went in and saw all this dirty water.

"I went to the kitchen and when I opened the door I saw the water getting faster and faster and rising and rising.

"I got my mum and dad and we had to go out the window because we couldn't open the doors or it all would have come flooding in.

"We don't know how badly damaged the house is at the minute but we have been advised we could be out for three to six months."

Repairs on the burst pipe that feeds water into Navan have now been completed.

Full water supply to the town and surrounding areas is expected to be restored on Tuesday evening.

Irish Water had placed water tankers on standby to replenish Our Lady's Hospital in Navan in case its water storage ran out.

In July around 60,000 households and businesses in the Drogheda area were left without water for almost a week after a main burst at the Staleen Water Treatment Plant.


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