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Irish woman gives birth to quadruplets

By Freya Drohan

The parents of quadruplets have taken to Facebook to share their joy with family and friends. The couple of ten years had been trying for a baby and Grace suffered four miscarriages in recent years. Miraculously, the quadruplets were conceived naturally without IVF.

New parents James and Grace Slattery are basking in the arrival of their miracle quadruplets.

The overjoyed couple welcomed their four little babies into the world in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Slatterys welcomed three daughters and a son into the world yesterday after a dramatic dash to the hospital, including a Garda escort.

Mr Slattery, from Caherconlish, Co. Limerick, was given a Garda escort to Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital in order to see his wife give birth to quadruplets.

The elated dad got to witness the births thanks to a Garda escort travelling with him across Ireland.

At 32 weeks, Grace, a childminder, was originally scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday - but the quadruplets decided they wanted to make their arrival a little earlier than planned.

He revealed that “things have been tough for Grace”, who suffered four miscarriages in recent years and has been in hospital for a total of 11 weeks during her pregnancy with the quads.

Miraculously, the quadruplets were conceived naturally without IVF.

Joking on The Ray D’Arcy show today, James said he can know be known as “The Quadfather”.

James, a construction manager,  got a call from his wife on Tuesday morning, telling him to ‘get ready to go’ as the babies were on their way.

“I got a phone call at half 12 from my wife in the Rotunda to say that her waters were after breaking and to be on standby, get ready to go,” he said.

“Grace told me, ‘You’re not going to make it here on time. You need to get on to the Gardas and see if you can get an escort up’. I thought she was away with the birds, I didn’t think it would happen at all.”

Thanks to a local garda whose wife had just had twins, James received the escort and made it from Limerick to Dublin in under an hour and a half.

“They literally gave us a lift all the way up to the Rotunda an I ran in the door and just made it in time.”

Frantic James arrived at the Hospital at 2:40pm and searched the maternity ward for his wife, when he found her sitting on a bed straightening her hair.

“I literally got out of the car, opened my dad’s boot, took out the video camera, ran in and there she was saying ‘Hiya hows things.. I’m just fixing my hair give me a couple of minutes.’”

The new arrivals Amelia, Lily Grace, Molly and Lucas, ranged from 2lbs15oz to 4lbs3oz and were all born within four minutes of each other at 3.54pm.

Little Lucas was last to arrive, joining his three big sisters: “I don’t know will he be picked on or what, but he was the last one out and he’ll have to live with that,” James told the radio show.

On air this morning, James praised the couple’s brilliant family and friends for all their help, saying their neighbours were even “painting the babies' rooms, building units, and helping us out.”

When asked how he will manage with four newborns he said: “I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.”

Mother and babies are all happy and healthy.

Yesterday, new mum Grace shared news of the quadruplets' arrival on Facebook.

"So I didn't have my section today cause the babies decided they wanted to come out yesterday, so within four minutes at six minutes to four i gave birth to four babies," she wrote in her status.

"Amelia Helen - 4lbs 3oz

"Mollie Rose - 2lbs15oz

"Lucas James - 3lbs10oz

"Lily Grace May - 3lbz4oz

"All came out kicking and screaming and all are doing well at the moment.... Thanks for all yer good wishes and keep praying for babies xxxx.Our family of 3 is now a family of 7!!! Amazing," she said.

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