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Irish woman is run over by three New York subway trains after falling onto tracks at Times Square... and survives

By Brian O'Reilly

An Irish woman had a miraculous escape after she was run over by three subway trains in New York.

22-year-old Mary Downey, an Irish immigrant living in the Bronx, accidentally fell on to the tracks at Times Square Station.

However the quick-thinking Irish woman managed to avoid an almost-certain death by lying in the trough between the tracks.

The incident happened at around 6am in front of horrified commuters.

The only injury she suffered was a broken shoulder.

“She was lucky enough to have - it looks like to us - rolled to the platform and was in between the platform and the train when the train came into the station,” FDNY Battalion Chief Mike Meyers told local media.

After the first train passed over her, she continued to lie helplessly on the track bed - police say she was conscious through much of the ordeal.

She wasn’t discovered until the driver of the third tram spotted what he thought was litter on the track – it was actually her waving hand.

The driver slammed the emergency brakes – however some of the carriages of the third train passed over her.

Paramedics were alerted and removed Downey from the tracks.

She was treated in hospital and later discharged.

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