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Irish woman who drowned son takes her own life

An Irish woman who drowned her seven-year-old son has taken her own life in prison.

Lifer Ruth Murphy (48) murdered her only child by drowning him in the sea off a Co Wicklow beach in 2001.

Yesterday, just over nine years later, she died in jail.

Sources said that she suffocated after placing a plastic bag over her head and tying it around her neck.

First reports indicated that Murphy went to a communal area in the prison just before 1am yesterday from her single room.

When she did not return it is understood a female officer found her and attempts were made to resuscitate her.

She was taken to the Mater hospital where she was pronounced dead. Garda and jail investigations are under way.

The death of Karl Murphy at the hands of his mother shocked the country. The child was found dead shortly after his father reported him missing.

Yesterday’s death will be seen as a baptism of fire for the new governor of Dochas women's prison in the Republic, Mary O’Connor.

Ms O’Connor has just taken over from former governor |Kathleen McMahon, who retired recently.

The women’s prison has other issues to contend with and in the past year has consistently held around 135 to 140 prisoners in a prison designed for 85.

The controversial introduction of bunk beds has increased the capacity at Dochas.

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